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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 19, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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moment to let our fox stations join us. brett, stick around. >> shannon: coverage of the coverage shutdown, this is shannon breen, we have reached midnight, it is official. there has been a lapse in government funding. the united states senate has not been able to finish the job before the midnight deadline. now the very functions of the government that we've been talking about will slowly start to phase out and shut down in many agencies across the country. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tracking this, joins us live from the hill. >> democrats blocked a four-week funding extension, 50-48 but the vote had a 60-vote threshold. settle off a flurry of activity on the senate floor where conversation continueded trying
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to come up with some alternative plan to keep the government lights on for an extended period of time. some republicans floated the alternative, three-week funding extension on allow time for no, on a budget agreement. and the status of those young people got illegally by their parents. also avoid more of a government shutdown, government funding drama before president trump gives his first state of the union adroes january 30. earlier that was hope, two new yorkers, president trump and the senate democratic leader would be able to cut a deal. >> we had a long and detailed meeting. we discussed all of the major outstanding issues, we made some progress but we still have good number of disagreements. discussions will continue. >> red state democrats donnely, jones, heitkamp, manchin, mckas kell voted in favor of the four-week extension.
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dilemma for republican leaders four republicans voted against it. flake, graham, lee, and rand paul of kentucky. earlier the majority leader was clearly irritated with senate democrats. >> this is completely unfair and uncompassionate for my democratic colleagues to filibuster government funding, harm our troops, or jeopardize health coverage for 9 million children because extreme elements of their base want illegal immigration to crowd out every other priority. >> most senators from both parties throughout the course of the day seemed hopeful and looking for an escape hatch to avoid a government shutdown. they didn't seem to know how they would get there. but the democrat stayed so focused on the immigration deal with the clock ticking on government funding. shannon? >> shannon: mike emanuel live on the hill for every twist and turn, we'll check back with you shortly. the schumer shutdown, that's
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what the white house is calling it. chief national correspondent ed henry joins us with the intense politicking and bickering. we have passed the midnight deadline and moving forward. >> what's new is that the white house is finally officially weighed in. we were talking a few moments ago, are they going to be more constructive and say, okay, let's work this out. or are they going to go hard against chuck schumer, and slam the democrats. i can tell you they picked the latter. this statement in the name of sarah sanders, the white house press secretary is tough and as a trumpian flair, calling democrats losers. here's the statement. senate democrats own the schumer shutdown. this from sarah sanders. tonight, they put politics above our national security. military families. vulnerable children and the country's ability to serve all americans. we will not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while democrats hold our lawful citizens hostage over their reckless demands. this is the behavior of
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obstruction interest losers not legislators. when democrats start paying our armed forces and first responders we will reopen negotiations on immigration reform. during this politically manufactured schumer shutdown, the president and his administration will fight for and protect the american people. that a statement literally just coming in the last moment or two from sarah sanders, the white house press secretary, taking a tough, partisan tone saying that democrats are losers not legislators. sounds like something that is coming straight out of a presidential tweet. and also, to be fair here, it's out of the playbook, frankly, of democrats in 2013 who were charging that it was the republicans who were obstructionist for shutting the government down then, they were holding the nation hostage. some of those same lines, now, are being turned back around against the democrats when they used it during the obama days. you can tell also that
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politically, from that statement, this white house thinks and we'll see whether they're right or not, they can weather the political storm from a government shutdown by saying we're not negotiating until schumer backs down. they think inside the white house from my conversations with senior officials there, that chuck schumer overplayed his hand on daca and they are going to push back here and say we gave you six years of an extension, a long time for children's health insurance, a program, chip as it's known that, democrats said they had to have. the president gave on that. said he's willing to work on daca. the bottom line is, this white house is taking a very hard line in these negotiations. >> shannon: sounds like it from that statement. all right, ed henry live on the beat for us, thank you. the president foreshadowing a shutdown a short while ago, tweeting, quote, it's not looking good. white house correspondent kevin cork joins us with where the white house goes next. >> you're right. it was interesting to watch the
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trajectory as we were watching it play out, shannon, clearly, you had a glimmer of hope, maybe, around 5:30 or so. let me take to you twitter. give the folks at home an idea of what we were sort of experiencing with the president as he took to twitter. you may call he had the meeting with chuck schumer, president said it was an excellent meeting saying the following. excellent meeting with chuck schumer. then we noticed a few hours later that he began to say what you've been saying for the most part all night long, not looking good. well, tonight, the hard work obviously continues down the road, pennsylvania avenue. now, earlier today i want to share this, mick mull vain yea called of the the democrats saying this has everything, everything they asked for, save for a daca fix. >> four clean crs, there are four extension to the chip program, many of them support
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the delay, some of the taxes, more specifically the medical device tax, the cadillac tax. they don't oppose anything in the bill. but they are opposing the bill. >> they're posing the bill. i literally, moments ago before coming out here, just wanted to see what's happening upstairs. i've been on the phone like most of my colleagues throughout the night checking in with our sources trying to figure out where we go from here. the president won't make his way down to march a la go, he hopes to get this pushed over the finish line. the president, his chief of staff john kelly continued to make phone calls in the hopes that they can craft a deal to keep the government funded eventually. right now as you point out, it is shutdown time. >> shannon: thank you, update us as you hear more, kevin. the blame game gints in earnest. fox news political anchor bret
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baier is back with us. it's officially happened. that rest of the conversation is going to start. >> bret: i feel like lindsey graham, shuttling between studios. but if you look at the floor, put that up, it's interesting to watch, these groups meeting, lindsay graham still holding court with democrats. now you have a group of republicans, pat too maniy there, you see -- toomey, barasso. on the other side, the democrats meeting, laying out i think the details have what they're trying to do. mitch mcconnell looks like he's getting ready to give a speech, maybe they're coming to the end of this. this bill has been open for some time. talk about the blame game. just to give you a flavor of where this may have gone wrong for democrats, the associated press, the story that is on the line now, says senate democrats derail bill to avert shutdown. that's the headline of the a.p. story, senate democrats derail bill to avert shutdown.
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that gives you a sense that the blame game, how ever it is portrayed, is going to be a little tougher for democrats. they had that bill in front of them to not do what we are now. >> shannon: if this administration is trying to be careful, they control house senate and white house to make this as painless as they can for the public, that's going to factor in as well. people aren't going to be showing up and being denied services in important places. social security checks go out, all of those important things continue to happen. they aren't fog to put the public face on it like we saw in 2013 when it was a more adversarial government. >> bret: they will go go out of their way. and while they have the majority in the senate, they'll say they don't control it. they don't have the 60 votes. you may hear the president weigh in on that. earlier tonight, sarah sanders tweeted democrats can't shut down the booming trump economy. are they now so desperate they'll shut down the government instead.
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you heard this from the president, he thinks the luck of the tax cuts is part of the reason you get into the shutdown. he may have a point if the shutdown goes for some time. for example, at the irs, almost 56% of irs employees would be sent home as nonessential. now, this is an irs that is trying to transition to the new tax law that is going to be bombarded by questions from taxpayers around the country. tax filing season starts in less than two weeks. if the shutdown continues for several days it becomes an issue on the tax front. >> shannon: and people's lives trying to get answers and move forward. what did you think today's politico had a piece the white house was trying to distant the president from this, sending out mick mulvaney, and others, attempts to make sure the president is not tarred and feathered with this. it is what happens on capitol hill as we watch the conversations in the back and forth and the negotiations, senator corker up there.
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>> bret: with a number of democrats also. >> shannon: that's not a pair you see often the together on any substantive policy thing. they're trying to get something done or they would have called it a night and left. this vote is technically still open. we see the wandering between the two groups. clearly there are bipartisan conversations going on, on the floor of the senate right now, as they know, officially entered shut down territory, 11 mince ago. it looks like the negotiation continues. bsh you can see elizabeth warren saying something in an animated way. which you can schumer sitting down and the senators gathered around him. on the other side, you have lindsay graham talking to senator cornyn and others, senator grass lee, lamar alexander trying to peek in. going from group to group to try to get some, iron out some
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details that perhaps allow some negotiation to go forward. if the bill is changed substantially, it has to go back to the howls. it could be -- to the house. could be approved by a voice vote but there's a potential problem if it's changed significantly over there. i think that they're trying to get to a continuing resolution with a possible promise that they're going on move on to immigration in this short period of time. >> shannon: interesting, on the house side they were trying to get their measure passed and they say, quote, we've done the work, it's up to the senate now. that was one of the things that many in the freedom caucus said they would push for. they wanted a guarantee for their votes, that there would be a legislative vehicle, maybe the goodlatte bill, they wanted that, they wanted to it get to a vote. there was a trade-off there. so that happened enter-party. may have to happen across the aisle as well. we see a lot of folks, now, they look congenial still at this
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point, still smiles on faces, people look a little bit weary. maybe that's one of the tradeoffs, we vote on this tonight but we get to a daca measure within a certain number of days. we have a debate over how long this will be. even if they agree to something, one of the proposals five days, the other in a two week range, we will be doing this again. bret, we will be sitting here again doing this not too long from now. seems like the american public is getting distaste for this and governing from crisis to crisis. >> bret: you're looking on the left side of the screen, senator cotton with folded arms, and senator cornyn talking, two of the conservatives on immigration that would be pushing back against something that gave up a lot of the headway. senator kennedy from louisiana, my favorite sound bite. >> shannon: he is a quotable guy, every week. >> bret: this sums it up. i'd like to go back to america but i'm stuck in washington. and i think that's the feeling for a lot of people at home, this place isn't working. no matter what party you
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support, it's not working. now they're gathered around mitch mcconnell, which you can schumer next to mitch mcconnell, we could be getting to a point where both sides are ironing out details. this is how the sausage is made, they're writing legislation on the senate floor to come up with the specifics on this continuing resolution. we are 14 minutes and 12 seconds into one year since the inauguration. this kay, on january 20 on this day. we are in a place where technically there is a partial shutdown of the u.s. government. >> shannon: it is, again, phases in slowly, there is discretion in a lot of agencies. some don't have any at all. as you speak of senator kennedy, republican from louisiana, also said this, he said our country was founded by geniuses but it's being run by idiots. >> bret: yeah. >> shannon: he's very quotable, you hear the frustration in his
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voice. he's not a long-time washington guy. he's here and sees it's not, both sides of the aisle would admit, it's not functioning according to order. >> bret: this is my last senator kennedy, be yourself, unless you suck. i think they're going to get to something here. it seems like they're breaking up. we may be getting to a conclusion. when they get to the lecterns there, and once you start hearing the audio from the senate floor, you know that they're moving forward. remember, this vote failed. they did not get the 60 votes on the original house bill, that was a continuing resolution for four months. included six years of renewal for the children's health insurance policy. we may be getting close to an alternative at this moment. >> shannon: all right, bret, stick around, we'll see what
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they come up with. looks like ak tiflt may be moving forward to a statement on the senate floor. analysis continues, now, on fox news channel and cable and satellite. more your local news on this fox station. i'm shannon bream in washington. >> shannon: we're back with coverage. the senate gives a thumbs down to the house spending bill or getting to a vote on the content. house republican congress doug collins responds, he's going to join us live in the coverage of the shutdown showdown, it is official, from washington. we'll take you back to the senate. i was out here smoking instead of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how.
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every great why >> shannon: mitch mcconnell is now speaking. >> as you witnessed on the floor, was a senate decision by senate democrats to shove aside millions of americans for the sake of irresponsible political gains. the government shutdown was 100% avoidable. completely avoidable. now, it is imminent. all because senate democrats chose to fill bust area noncontroversial funding bill that contains nothing, not a thing, they do not support. nothing they do not support.
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perhaps across the is a some of our democratic colleagues feel proud of themselves. but what has their filibuster accomplished? what has it accomplished? answer is simple, their very own government shutdown. shutdown effects on the american people will come as no surprise. all week as we've stood on the floor and begged our colleagues to come to their senses, senate republicans have described exactly, exactly what this will mean for america's men and women in uniform, shutting down the government means delayed pay. the many thousands of civilian employees who support their misses its means furloughs. and for the families of fallen heros it may well mean a freeze on century vooifor death benefits -- survivor death
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benefits. veterans who rely on our care, it means threatening their access to treatment. for so many americans struggling with opiod addiction, the same is true. thanks to the democratic leader decision to filibuster an extension of the state children's health insurance program, low income families will slip closer to losing health coverage for their kids. and many states this is an emergency. i'm having trouble understanding which one of these outcomes my democratic colleagues could possibly be proud of. which one of them? i think our friends on the other side took some bad advice. really bad advice. i would hate to be trying to explain this myself. ignore the governors, including seven democrats who wrote
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congress begging us, begging us to extend chip for 9 million children. ignore the needs of millions of americans would rely on the federal government for important services. held all of us hostage, all of it hostage over the completely unrelated issue of illegal immigration. republicans in the senate have gone all we can to continue the normal operations of the federal government. and secure certainty for the s-chip kids. we can pass it tonight and go to the president for signature. these kids would be okay. well we're going to continue to do all we can, we'll vote again so the american people know who
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stands for them. and when our friends across the aisle remember who it is they actually represent we'll be ready to come together in a bipartisan discussion that will be necessary to clean up all of this mess. we've all been having private conversations on the floor, almost everybody on both sides doesn't understand how we ended up here. because most of the stuff we agree on. only one reason we ended up here, the shoe horning of illegal immigration into this debate. now, having said that, there is a lot of sympathy in this body for doing something about the daca kids. it's not like nobody is interested in that. we've been talking about it for three months.
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but the one reason we are where we are is because we couldn't close out any of these other component parts because our friends on the other side said you got to deal with this issue. this issue is the key to getting defense spending. this issue is the key to getting help for s-chip kids. on and on and on. i think most of american people believe that shutting down the government over this issue which doesn't even ripen until march, is irresponsible. and i've just listed all of the people who are going to be adversely impacted by this action. so we're going to keep on voting and the government may be heading into shutdown but the senate isn't shutting down. and we're open to talk. and to resolve this.
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i don't think it makes the institution look very responsible. american people should expect better from us than this. >> shannon: you have been listening to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. we thought, as bret and i were talking about the groups that were having conversations and negotiating looked like maybe they were coming to something. we thought when he came to the lectern there, that maybe -- oh, let's listen in, we have minority leader chuck schumer speaking. >> continuing resolution that he knew lacked the votes long before this hour. it's not just democrats who oppose this c.r., several republicans did as well. all of today, mr. president, we have endeavored to reach an agreement with president trump and the republicans that would
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have not only spared a government shutdown, but cemented an agreement on spending caps, including those for our military, the healthcare issues, disaster relief, and immigration issues. president trump reached out to me today, this morning, to invite me to the white house to talk all of these issues over. and i accepted. we had a lengthy and substantive discussion. during the meeting, an exchange for strong daca protections, i reluctantly put the border wall on the table for discussion. even that was not enough to entice the president to finish the deal. many democrats don't want to go that far on the border. many republicans don't they are. but we were willing to compromise with the president to get an agreement. in the room it sounded like the
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president was open to accept it. this afternoon, in my heart, i thought we might have a deal tonight. that was how far we'd come. that's how positive our discussion felt. we had a good meeting. but what has transpired since that meeting in the oval office is indicative of the entire tumultuous and chaotic process republicans every engaged in in the negotiations thus far. even though president trump seemed to like an outline of a deal in the room, he did not press his party in congress to accept it. speaker ryan and leader mcconnell without the commitment of the president would not agree to accept anything either. what happened to the president trump who asked us to come up with a deal and promised that
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he'd take heat for it? what happened to that president? he backed off at the first sign of pressure. we have the outline of a deal on caps. we have the outline of a deal on healthcare. we have the outline of a deal on immigration, the toughest issue. it was real, it was an honest to goodness breakthrough. we could have passed a short term extension of funding so that we could cross the ts, dot the is and be done with it all. but the dynamic of the past few weeks during which the congressional republicans looked to the president for guidance and the president provided none prevailed again today unfortunately. the same chaos, the same disarray, the same division and discord on the republican side that's been in the background of
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these negotiations for months, unfortunately, appears endemic. it is standing in the way of bipartisan solutions to all of the issues now before us. every american knows the republican party controls the white house, the senate, the house. it's their job to keep the government open. it's their job to work with us on a way to move things forward. but they didn't reach out to us once on this c.r., no discussion, no debate, nothing at all. it was produced without an ounce of democratic input and dropped on our laps. meanwhile they can't even get on the same page as a party. they control every branch of the legislative process and it's responsibility to govern and here they have failed.
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several republicans voted against the c.r. as well as democrats for the same reason we voted against it. one of the most serious consequences of having continuing resolution after continuing resolution is the damage it does to our military. as a pentagon spokesman said last night another c.r. would be wasteful and destructive to our military. the navy secretary said that because of c.r.s the navy has put $4 billion in the trash can, poured lighter fluid on it, and burnt it. that's the navy secretary, what you have done. this is no way to conduct the nation's business. republicans know it, democrats know it, the american people know that this party is not capable of governing. so where do we go from here?
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i believe many of my republican colleagues sincerely want to get a deal. i know their hearts are in the right place. i know they lament the fact that we accept brinksmanship whereby partisanship used to be. there was always discussion in these issues in the past. everyone knew you needed both parties to work together, none of that happened here today. now, all of this problem is because republican leadership can't get to yes because president trump refuses to. mr. president, president trump, if you are listening i am urging you please take yes for an answer. the way things went today, the way you frurnd a bipartisan
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deal, it's almost as if you were rooting for a shutdown. and now we'll have one. and the blame should crash entirely on president trump's shoulders. this will be called the trump shutdown. this will be called the trump shutdown because there is no one, no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than president trump. he walked away from two bipartisan deals, including one today in which i even put the border wall on the table. what will it take for president trump to say yes and learn how to execute the rudiments of government? tomorrow marks a year to the day president trump took the oath of office on the capitol steps.
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unfortunately, a trump shutdown would be a perfect encapsulation of the chaos he's unleashed on our government. instead of bringing us all together, he's pulled us apart. instead of governing from the middle, he's outsourced his presidency to the extremes. instead of living up to the great dealmaker he marketed himself to be, he's been the single driving force in skut ling bipartisan deals in congress. now at this late hour his behavior is on the verge of grinding our government to a halt, a trump shutdown. democrats will continue to strive for a bipartisan agreement on all of the outstanding issues. i know there are men and women of good will on the other side of the aisle who are just as
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upset as i am with the direction we're headed in. i plead with them to see reason and prevail upon their leaders and most of all the president to give us the space to work together, to let us do the job the american people sent us here to do. when president trump decides he's finally ready to lead his party to a deal, democrats will be ready, willing, and eager to clinch it. there is a path forward. we can reach it quickly. tomorrow, the president and the four leaders should immediately sit down and finish this deal so the entire government can get back to work on monday. yield the floor. >> shannon: you have been listening in to two important speeches on the floor by the house majority leader mitch mcconnell and minority leader chuck schumer after what we thought, bret, we were watching, this all of the discussions
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going on, maybe they were working to a deal. sounds like they did not get there because they both blasted each other once they got to the lectern. the president took a lot of the heat. mitch mcconnell has said they're going to vote again. whether he literally means tonight, he could relaunch that vote, procedurally he preserves the right to do that. let's listen in, maybe he will explain. >> so there were five courageous democrats on the other side who stood up to this ridiculous argument that made sense, somehow to shut down the government over an imlegal immigration issue -- illegal immigration issue that the vast majority of this body would like to do something about anyway. i want to particularly commend the five democrats who had the courage to stand up to this ridiculous strategy. they put their whole party in
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incredible predicament. the white house just indicated, the president isn't going to talk about the issue at all while the government is shut down. made it quite clear. he said when democrats start paying our armed forces and first responders we'll reopen negotiations on immigration reform. so this particular strategy has eliminated the possibility of getting a signature on the thing they shut the government down over. anybody explain to me this strategy? i'm perplexed. i wasn't first first in my class but i wasn't last, either. how does this get them, what they're looking for? well, we'll continue to talk because when all the games stop,
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the issues are still there. every single one of them, are still there. the american people expect us to act like adults to get together and solve the problems. now, i'll be offering an amendment to change the date to february 8. we will unfortunately not be able to get that vote tonight but i will be subsequently asking for consent. at this point we will be voting on february 8. that's the date that the senator from south carolina, senior senator from south carolina and i have been talking about. the democratic leader and i have been talking about. which begins to move a little bit closer to where our friends on the other side said they wanted to be. but a reasonable period of time
9:36 pm
it takes into account the state of the union, party conferences, and just the amount of time it takes to actually write a bill once you have an agreement. i mean, you can't just reach an agreement and snap, like, your fingers and everybody falls into place and you're ready to go. so a reasonable period to first agree and then write and get ready to pass, negotiated settlement that we've been working on for months, february 8 is a very reasonable time. and so i'm going to give, i hear the sentiment for that on both sides of the aisle, i hope so at some point, we'll vote that option. i can't get that vote tonight but i'll ask consent to have that vote tonight.
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i move, mr. president, to table the motion to refer. >> for the yeas and nays. >> sufficient second? there is. >> shannon: so developments on the senate floor as we see, the two sides still very far apart. not voting on something tonight that will resolve this. at 12:37a.m. eastern, we are in the midst of a government shutdown. as it begins, very slowly and phasing, with some agencies you won't notice it at all especially if they get it wrapped up shortly. the measure was going to fund through february 16. they have changed that date or they will try to amend this and make it february 8. that addresses some of the concerns of some of the folks who did not want it to go that long, gets them parent the staft union and parent the party conferences. bret baier, they could get this resolved over the weekend, they have to get to the 60 votes. >> bret: i think that's what the shuttling back and forth and the conversations that we saw on the
9:38 pm
floor was getting the date back to february 8, three weeks. and i bet that you get those republicans who voted against it to come back onboard. you get the five democrats. and they're going to keep voting on this until they get a deal. the five democrats are up for re-election in red states won by president trump. mitch mcconnell will have them vote 100 times if they can to point out how different they are from the democratic party steered by which you can schumer. couple of points. we are told the white house meeting was president, chief of staff john kelly, senator schumer and his chief of staff in the little room off the oval office, the study. "new york times" says they had cheese burgers. we heard from senator schumer's speech he put the border wall, the funding that the president wanted which according to kelly was $20 billion, on the table as a possible deal if the daca
9:39 pm
could go through. according to schumer, we haven't heard from the white house, a lot of maybe this is going to work. the other pillars of what the president wanted didn't sound like they got to there. by the time schumer got back to capitol hill that bigger deal had fallen apart and the continuing resolution came to an end. this, last thing, about who's taking the blame i pointed out the a.p. said senate democrats derail bill to avert shutdown. the "new york times" headline says, senate democrats block passage of a stopgap spending bill to keep the government open. those are two headlines of what went down tonight. that don't really line up with schumer's portrayal. ssh interesting, and -- >> shannon: interesting, and mitch mcconnell made clear to the parties, probably going to make them continue to vote until they get to a resolution. ploib not right now but maybe over the weekend, they are not moving one inch forward on the
9:40 pm
immigration issue until they get the funding going again. he krielted the statement that we have from the white house -- he cited the statement from sarah sanders, press secretary's office, when democrats start paying our armed forces and first responders we'll open renegotiation on immigration. that date moved but seems like maybe that's the only concession that we get moving forward. >> bret: interesting to hear senator schumer say he charges president trump is causing chaos. in 2013 that was the word that he said would be caused if you went with the republican shutdown, based on policies that were outside the budget purview. daca and immigration doesn't fit with funding the government. it's not in the budget. easy thing to put on the bumper sticker for republicans. daca well get done, this president is committed to it, this administration is. the question is, where the bigger negotiation goes on
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border security, chain migration, and merit-based immigration where does that go? >> shannon: big questions. let's talk to folks who may be voting on this, congressman doug collins, vice chair of the republican congress. and congressman christian morrissey, democrat from imknow. thanks for joining us. congressman i'll start with you, what do you make of where we are right now, we've talked to many republican colleagues who say you're closer than people think looking from the outside in, from the public, where do you think are you? >> thank you for having me, shannon. i agree, i think that we are close. i think it's time to govern, enough of the recriminations, nufl of the blame game, let's come to an agreement. i think there was a deal on the table last week between senator graham and senator durbin that has been negotiated among the senators generally.
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unfortunately that got derailed at a white house meeting. i think now it's time to step back from the brink, go back to the table, negotiate something that all of us can agree on. >> shannon: in the meantime, congressman kol lints, you were a member of the military, a lot of concern about what happens to military folks as this plays out. they're gone of the main groups along with federal employees who are subject to some real repercussion when is this kicks in, 42 minutes in now. i want to play something from defense secretary general mattis said about how this plays out for the military. >> that is going to impact our contracting, it'll impact obviously our medical facilities, it's got a huge morale impact, i'll tell you, how long can you keep good people around when something like this happens. it's always a question that's got to hover in the back of my mind. i would just tell you, that we do a lot of intelligence operations around the world.
9:43 pm
and they cost money. those obviously would stop, and i would just tell you that training, for almost our entire reserve force, will stop. >> shannon: those are real world impacts, congressman collins. how warriorried are you, even if we get a short c.r., people saying that's not good for the military. >> that is what is bothering us, the conversation i'm having is really concerning, even my friend from illinois, democratic friends saying we want to deal with daca, then the spending e will's get back to dealing with the american issues that we have of spending on our military, spending on our readiness, spending on regular functiontion of the government and commit to finding a fix for daca. that is a separate issue, it is not prime right now, we are trying to get it fixed, the president is committed to it. when you deal with real world families, the issues of our government and staying open and
9:44 pm
doing the things we're supposed to be doing, look, let's deal with those things we are supposed to be doing. as a reservist i've been getting texts from folks i serve with and others saying where are we headed, am guy towing get my training. the c.r. doesn't do it. that's a big concern and some in the senate. we need get to the two-year cycle to have the long-term spending man plan our military needs. i'm not sure how we friends across the is a kl say the united states is being honest with the real world problems of north korea, syria, and the world when they're not willing to come to a spending agreement. that's boggling. >> shannon: let's turn to daca, which is really at the crux of what we're dealing with. congressman, where are you on the contours of what we're seeing that is the primary gop offering from the house judiciary chairman bob goodlatte, cuts down -- eliminates chain migration and the visa lottery eventually,
9:45 pm
provides some pathway to legal status and protection for daca for the dreamers. but really tough on a number of levels. is that something that there are portiontion of it, some of it, all of it you sko get onboard with? >> i can't support that particular measure. i'm a sponsor of the dream act, which i believe is a much better approach to treating the folks on daca. i agree with my good friend gentleman, mr. collins, who says that we need a multi-year budget to help the military. but also education and healthcare. we need to reauthorize community health centers and provide a fix for the dreamers. some folks have claimd claimed this is not an emergency situation for the dreamers. they're about to be subject to deportation in march, less than 60 days. that's an emergency. and we are funding i.c.e., customs and border patrol, homeland security, precisely
9:46 pm
those functions that touch upon immigration and these issues. but that being said, limit's come back to the table. let's be our best self, and let's come with open minds and open hearts and let's be bipartisan about this. this is what i believe we have to do. we have a duty to do at this point. >> shannon: congressman collins, nice to hear the two of are you friendly and respectful to each other, you want to find common ground here. congressman collins where are you on the goodlatte bill and what you hear from your colleague tonight? >> many of the parts of the goodlatte bill we have voted on, this is not a new bill, these were put together from different things we were going through and in the process of discussing immigration. the only exception with my friend is this, the emergency he spoke of the emergency and the urgency with daca, why are we not speaking about the same urgency and concern about a military that can't get funding. take it out of the c.r., take it out of the continuing resolution
9:47 pm
when it was offered on the table for us to basically suspend the sequestration and take away the cuts that would be coming to military. what happened kwhis they went to the table instead of racing the discretionary spending and keeping it and removing the cuts from sequestration on defense, our friends across the aisle wanted to raise the domestic spending up to the levels of defense spending. these are issues not talked about, because when i look at, this i look at the real world issues of our defense, i look at the training incidents, i look at the lack of manpower, i look at the same thing that general mattis talked about, that psyche of what are we doing and are we being appreciated. there's a bigger emergency in the side of the spending and looking at how we make a long term solution and work together. this is something that we can work together on. but there has been commitment to say we'll find a solution for the daca folks. we are wanting to make sure they are taken care of but we have to
9:48 pm
put priorities in line. one of the biggest priorities is what is not happening not funding the government and not funding the troops. >> can i agree with mr. collins on something. mr. collins brings excellent points with regard to the military. but he also probably realizes that there's some emergencies on some nonmilitary matters as well. you know, one-third of the nondefense discretionary budget is spent on security measures. everything from counter intelligence issues, to homeland security and so forth. we have to take care of our veterans as well. we have to take care of these nondefense matters. just at the same time we're taking care of these military matters. we have to do it in a way that's consistent with the values of the american people. they're demanding a solution. we have to come to the table right now. it's 12:40 eastern time, we should go to the table right now. i don't think we should delay. we have to get to the work of the american people. i should note that one thing
9:49 pm
that we're doing in our office we will be open every day of this shutdown. i suspect many of my colleagues will also have their offices open. i'm donating my paycheck to local charities. on a bipartisan note we're co-sponsoring a note, i'm shurmur collins is on this bill, to take care of military families who may be affected by the shutdown right now. let's take that to the table, get the deal done asap. maybe as soon as tonight or tomorrow, and let's get on with it. >> shannon: the attitudes of both of you give hope to americans at home who want to see resolution from the right or the left side of the aisle. thank you both for your time and being with us late tonight on this important night. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> shannon: kevin cork joins us now, it is in the morning, we're officially on saturday. kevin, 49 minutes into the shutdown.
9:50 pm
>> 39 minutes in, and get this, you know, on occasion you get something that you don't expect. in particular, head of state or in this case the vice president, the second in command, is on the road. you aren't sure if um hear when they're flying aboard air force two. part of a statement that we have received from the vice president en route to cairo, a shopover in ireland before continuing on. i want to share what he said about tonight's shutdown. this is one of those circumstances where a man who has experience in the senate, probably is comping at the wit, certain -- champing at the bit wishing he could push it over the finish line. what he believes is a lack of action by the democrats. he said their action or lack thereof is unconscionable. our administration will do everything within our power to support the brave men and women in uniform who stand on the front lines of freedom. he goes on to add, this our administration will do
9:51 pm
everything within our power for the brave men and women in uniform who stand on the front lines of freedom, but as of tonight due to a completely avoidable government shutdown, they'll stand their post without pay. i want to share that. when you end up with a statement like this, you're talking about a number of people, all over the globe, not just here in washington and not just here in the united states, but are watching this, watching this from an interesting perspective. they would like to know is the leader of the free world in command of what's happening in his country. they may not understand the nuance of the power of congress. others from around the globe wonder how the united states can't get its act together. when you hear the vice president say this isn't just some political thing, we're talking about impacting men and women in uniform all over the globe standing in the gap for all of us, you would think members of congress could get their act together and get something done. tomorrow, we will be watching very carefully here from our
9:52 pm
perch at the white house to see if something happens. but in the meantime we will be watching and waiting to see if the president takes to twitter. i'm waiting, aren't you waiting? >> shannon: i am refreshing his twitter page making sure we don't miss anything. kevin cork live late into the night, early in the morning, thank you so much. we want to take you back live to the senate floor, because it looks like conversations are continuing there. the two sides, two leaders have come achbld had very tough talk for each other yet conversations continue. senators talking about what they're going to do next. our understanding they're going to get to a voting measure eventually that moves this short term funding measure back from february 16 what the house passed to february 8 is the goal in the senate. let's talk about it, now. joining us senior columnist for town hall curtis schickter and cabrilla farrow. we will be serving breakfast shortly. stick around.
9:53 pm
in the meantime, sounds like they could use it on the hill. capri, the senate majority leader said we had a great meeting. now he says all hell is going to break loose. >> i think that frankly, we have separation of powers for a reason. yes, the president of the united states does play a role in the negotiating process. but at the end of the day members of the united states senate and for that matter the house have to make decisions, they're big boys and girls, and they have a job to do. yes, they have to recognize what is the president going to sign or not sign. that has to be in the calculus. but at this point, hopefully they will be able to come to some kind of remedy within the next 24 to 48 hours as the senate rules allow them to do since they have not closed the vote. they can go back and cast a vote. america is watching. >> shannon: kurt i feel like i don't need to ask you a
9:54 pm
question, you look like you're chomping at the bit. what are you dying to say? >> i'm loving this, shannon. we have a. who is -- i am, he's keeping his promises. he's not rolling over and doing the exact opposite of what he was elected to do. this is a president who says i'm not going to come in here and give no springs attached amnesty to everyone who wants to come to the country. that's what chuck schumer wants. he is unhappy with the american electorate, he wants to impoort new one. donald trump and the republicans dash. >> shannon: that's short sighted. >> i think it's great. if the democrats want to go out and say, hey, we're going to deprive america's military bhaf it needs to fight, what it needs on feed its family, i was in the military when we had shutdowns in the past, in exchange for giving illegal aliens a free pass to american citizenship.
9:55 pm
that's a fight i want to have. and we're already searing the "new york times" and the a.p. put the blame where it belongs on the democrats. >> shannon: the democrats shouldn't be con flating the issues. >> the issues of daca and the individuals that have come here, no fault of their own, is a matter of human dignity. at the same time, that is pending until march. we have a job to do to keep the doors open. this isn't about trying to import a new electorate for the democrats. >> that's exactly what it is. >> i don't that i that's the case. >> what about the dignity of american voters. >> absolutely, i agree with that, that's idea two issues shouldn't be together. we need to give the daca issue and immigration issue its own track. >> shannon: five seconds to kurt. >> i agree, the democrats shouldn't have put them together, a tactical and strategic error, i'm glad they made. >> shannon: thank you for joining us tonight. we are out of time as we cover this shutdown, 55 minutes in.
9:56 pm
we will be joining the vice president overseas, we will be live from jerusalem with him on monday, the show will be there with an exclusive interview. have a great weekend. we'll see you from the middle east on monday.
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>> this is a fox news alert. i'm robert gray. the shutdown of the government is underway. senate democrats derailing a republican bill to provide funding until february 16. senior capitol hill producer joins us from washington to help sort out exactly what happened and what lies ahead and chad, thank you for joining us. talk to us a little bit about what happened leading up to that mid night vote. there's some activity there. what's the latest. >> they can't vote done the bill to fund down the


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